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9789674151799 - Fung, Carol: Carol Fung's Guide to Online Retailing
Fung, Carol (?):

Carol Fung's Guide to Online Retailing (2013) (?)

ISBN: 9789674151799 (?) atau 9674151796, dalam Bahasa Inggeris, MPH, MPH, MPH, Baru, e-book, Muatturun digital

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The MPH Masterclass Series is a new line of "how-to" books written by top Malaysian names who are experts in their respective fields. Among the titles published in this series are Amber Chia's Guide to a Successful Modeling career and Kid Chan's Guide to the Business of Photography. The third and latest in this series is Carol Fung's Guide to the Business of Online Retailing. Setting up an online shop is a dream for many Malaysians. However, it is an area that is still undeveloped largely due to the lack of guidance on infrastructure and facilities as well as operational best practices. Carol, who has been running her own online retailing business for more than a decade, is eminently suited to write this book. A certified eBay trainer, she has taught hundreds of people how to do online retailing through workshops and seminars organized by the likes of Malaysia Digital Enterprise Exchange (MDEX) and Gorgeous Geeks (an organization that promotes the use of IT among female entrepreneurs). When she first started out, Carol had to learn by trial and error. In this single volume, she shares her accumulated knowledge and experience in this field. With this book in hand, you can avoid the pitfalls and adopt the best practices that will give you a leg up in your quest to start your own successful online retailing business.
Nombor pesanan Penjual: 8aaad429-0802-4f24-8734-f4ef1bb2adb5
Nombor pesanan platform Kobobooks.fr: 101159789674151799
Kategori: School Tools
Kata kunci: Carol Fung's Guide to Online Retailing Fung, Carol Careers School Tools 9789674151799
Data dari 21/02/2017 13:42h
ISBN (notasi alternatif): 967-415-179-6, 978-967-415-179-9


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