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9789674150549 - Peter Dorney: Spicy Takeaway
Peter Dorney (?):

Spicy Takeaway (2013) (?)

ISBN: 9789674150549 (?) atau 9674150544, Bahasa tidak dikenali, MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd, MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd, MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd, Baru, e-book, Muatturun digital

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Book Description: They're Back! The madcap adventures of seven Aussie teachers working in Singapore as revealed in the rib-tickling 'Chinese Takeaway' continue in this follow-up tale of their second year under tropical skies. Following his New Year sailing the Gulf of Thailand as resident artist on a Japanese nudist cruise Head-of-Art Chauncy brings the teachers a gift from Bangkok's Chatuchak market. The consequences of which will have a heavy impact on all of them. Chinese New Year sees the group head for Bali - the Island of the Gods - where Bruce comes across pursuant songstress Tutti-Frutti during a dinner cruise and an excited Chauncy prepares for the role of petal-boy at the impromptu wedding at sea. All does not go smoothly though … as people make waves. A Thai-Aussie-Scandinavian Massage Centre opens offering traditional Thai treatments topped with Outback Aussie billabong touches and Scandinavian twig floggings. Following the Centre opening Chauncy returns home to disturb a burglar and ends up in the Intensive Care Unit of a downtown hospital - fighting for life. Academy head honchos Matilda and Dot Com take a South China Sea island holiday between terms only to be captured by rebels. What eventuates is far from the expected as rebel leader Captain Fang takes the incarceration in an unexpected direction…while smiling for the cameras. The seven teachers are arrested on smuggling related charges and held in notorious Changi Prison …while Cazza's beau the well-connected Singaporean K.C. works to get them out. Simon has Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for his back and Chauncy tries a similar course for a broken toe - and both end up with a dubious medical futures. Romance is in the air for three of the teachers and Simon's family make another visit from Perth to add their distinctive touch to their son's chaotic days. Add Hungry Ghost Festival drama - Massage Centre happenings where the Underworld meets the Wellness world - and it's a laugh a l
9789674150549 - Dorney, Peter: Spicy Takeaway
Dorney, Peter (?):

Spicy Takeaway (?)

ISBN: 9789674150549 (?) atau 9674150544, Bahasa tidak dikenali, Baru, e-book, Muatturun digital

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